Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentines Decor

I got a early start on my Valentine decor this year! I've been searching for decorating ideas on Pinterest and blogs and this is what I came up with. Did I do ok? The only thing I had to buy was the rose petals and candy thats in the jar.

I saw this idea of hanging a frame in the center on the wreath and loved it! So this is what I came up with, nothing fancy, once again I already had all the stuff to make this, printed the subway art I found online, so easy!

A closer look at my table. I love subway art! I printed a different one and stuck it in this frame I already had. I bought a small bouquet of roses at the dollar store and cut the petals off, much cheaper than buying rose petals already off the stem, candy was also a dollar. I might do more, there's a couple of things I want to make to add to my V- decor, I'll post if I make them.

Joy To The World, Christmas is here!

 Christmas 2011 was a fun filled day! We woke up about 7am, came downstairs to see if Santa left us anything...
He did!
 The girls on Christmas Eve opening their pjs, unfortunately Kayla's didn't fit her :(
He left for Kayla a chair, PS3 video game, a watch, some candy, she also got a wolf shirt, a plush Bolt, a purple pillow and some other fun stuff.
Samantha got from Santa a Fijit Friend toy(video below in case you don't know what it is), a Perry the Platypus plush with a Perry shirt, some candy, she also got some clothes, a movie and other fun stuff.
Our Christmas mess! I got a sewing machine, a tool box with my own tools and iTunes card!
My mom and stepdad Jerry came over to our house for dinner and more presents!
Kayla opening a present from grandma and grandpa, a jewelry box!

Kayla just havin fun!

Jake opening his present, a paint spray gun to paint his car!
Mother and daughter! Wish I could fix this picture so my bra wasn't showing through my shirt!

Jake having so much fun!

New Years/Christmas with the Richardsons! We went to Safford for New Years to be with Jake's family, this is most of us, missing Isaac and his 2 kids, Lorena Matt and their kids and Shera's husband Tom with his 3 kids.

Korbyn, me, Shera, Paul and Mary just hangin out at our Mexican fiesta party. I don't know what Paul is doing here but he sure looks funny!
Jake's mom Joyce planned some activites for all of us to do and one of them was to make houses out of recycled items. Interesting acitivity, not my first choice but it was fun doing something together. This is Mary, Tyra, Jonathan and Rilee making their house.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going back in time.........

I forgot to post some things that we did this year and LAST year! How could I have forgotten! I'm so ashamed! So I'm going back in time.......

I'll start with our trip to Washington that we took the beginning of August this year. Our first day driving went pretty well, we drove through Flagstaff, stopped in Page for lunch at a park. We didn't stop very much because we just wanted to get to my sister's house in Orem Utah as fast as we could. We got to her house around 7 or 8 pm and it was still light out so we ate dinner and Jake showed off his flying skills with his plane. Everyone loved it, they thought it was the coolest thing ever! I just knew the planes would be a hit with my family! Then we visited some more with my sister Emily, Mark, my brother Cody and Jillian and all their kids. Woke up the next morning not having much time to visit because we had a long trip to Washington. Our trip to Kennewick Washington seemed really LONG! Its actually a shorter trip than the one from Phx to Orem, its just that there's nothing to see between Utah and Wash. mostly just fields and cows! So it feels longer. When we finally got to Kennewick we were relieved and happy to be there!  My sister Sharlee just got back from the Ukraine and brought home this furry hat, so everyone had to try it on along with the funny nose and glasses!





The next day we drove to Hermiston Oregon to go swimming. It was nice to cool off and we had lots of fun. I got to see my dad jump off the diving board! He's 68 years old and he did a dive off the diving board,  twice! Go dad!  Later that day we took a little trip to see the windmills near my dad's house. The windmills are on this hill that gives you a great view of the town and the Columbia river, it was pretty awesome!
Getting a closer look at the windmills

After looking at the windmills, my brother Nathan took Jake and I to see the Harry Potter movie that I was DYING to see! It was awesome, awesome, awesome just like I knew it would be! The next day was our all day trip to see Mt. Rainer. It was a long drive but it was worth it! It was so beautiful! We started seeing snow about 1/3 up the mountain! Crazy!

The top of Mt. Rainer

We stopped to look at a visitor center and then we hiked to the top of this hill in the snow! Samantha and I were the last ones to make it to the top. We were slipping and falling the whole time!

This is the view from the top of the hill, the visitor center is to the right.

We saw a fox roaming around looking for food. We got  really close to him!  He stayed a long time, he didn't seem afraid of the people at all!    

We had a fun time being around the beauty of Mt. Rainer! It was a long tiring drive home! We slept like babies that night.

The next day we went hiking in the afternoon, it was me, Jake, the girls, dad and Randee. It was so hot! But we toughed it out! Jake, Kayla, dad and I made it to the top! Randee and Samantha only went half way and played at the park near the hill while waiting for us to come down. Later that evening we went to the Columbia river and went boating. A friend of the family took us out on his boat and let us use his tubes and water skis. We all got a chance to go tubing. I rode with my sister n law Nina, Jake went with the girls one at a time, Ben and Nathan went a couple of times, Nathan and Nina and their boys, Nina and Ben went water skiing, everyone else just watched. It was a lot of fun!

Daddy and Samantha, this was Samantha's first time riding on a tube and she loved it! She kept wanting to go again and again! She even wanted to try water skiing but we had to say no to that!

Kayla and her dad, this was Kayla's second time tubing in her life, she loved it too!

Sharlee and Kayla  

This is Rooney, Sharlee's dog. The girls took her for walks, brushed her hair and played with her! They love Rooney!

Samantha loves her uncle Ben!

Samantha loves her aunt Sharlee!

On our way home from Washington, Kayla found interesting things to do to keep herself entertained! It was a fun trip and can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Our Halloween celebration started Oct. 22nd with our ward's Trunk or Treat party. It was early because the other wards were using the building Halloween weekend. Lots of fun with great food, activities and of course the kids trick or treating around the parking lot getting candy from everyone's trunks! Jake and I decided to dress up as Princess Buttercup and Westley from the Princess Bride. Kayla was a angel and Samantha was a black cat for a second time(1st time was 2 years ago). I was worried that no one would guess who Jake and I were but I was happily surprised that most people guessed right! So that made me feel good that we did ok putting our costumes together. 
Our scary pumpkin! It was a challenge carving this face because I didn't have the right kind of knife. I messed up in two places but I don't think anyone can see it. I think it turned out pretty good!
We painted these small pumpkins for FHE. These two are Kayla's and Jake's .Kayla's is a devil angel, she did a great job! Jake's is a creepy face.

These are Samantha's and mine, mine is the Harry Potter one if you can even tell its supposta be Harry Potter. Clearly I'm not a good pumpkin artist! Samantha kept changing her mind on how she wanted her face to look, finally she chose this face, not sure what it is but its cute!

"As you wish...Is this a kissing book?"
I think Jake looks kinda funny with the mask on because it doesn't form around his nose so his nose looks flat! I look nothing like Princess Buttercup but I had fun dressing up from one of our favorite movies.

So angelic!

Cute kitty! Meow

Having a little fun

Don't we look awesome!

Our outside Halloween decor.

All ready to get some candy!